Events in the news: talking with kids

Part of my work in child safety involves following current events, and providing resources for parents. Below is some helpful material I received today.

From Darkness to Light

Dear Friend,

In today’s world, media is everywhere – on our TVs, on our phones, and on the radio on the way to school. Currently, we all have been flooded with the horrific Larry Nassar case. As an adult, this can be a pretty scary topic to talk about with children. It’s important to realize that it is not just a “gymnastic problem” and child sexual abuse can happen in any youth sports organizations or other youth serving organizations.

So how do you start this conversation? Using the events in the news can make it easier.

The below checklist is a great way to get the conversation started:

✔ “Sometimes touch might just feel uncomfortable, even if you like the person. Whenever it’s uncomfortable, you can say no.”

✔ “No one should ever touch you where a bathing suit covers.” This is a good visual, especially for young children.

✔ “It’s not okay for someone to ask you to touch their private parts with any part of your body.”

✔ “Your whole body is private whenever you want it to be. You get to decide who touches you.”

Watch this two minute video for more tips on talking with children:

Talking with Kids Video

It’s never too early to talk to your children about our bodies, sex, and boundaries. Remember to keep it an open dialogue and hear your child’s concerns and questions.

Most importantly, make sure children understand that no matter what has happened, they can share with you without fear of being blamed


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