DeckerUpdate December2019: Connecting Around The World

Serving with SIM from our base here in Charlotte is an interesting change from serving in West Africa. Instead of immersing ourselves in a single community, we’re now in daily contact with missionaries and their ministries all over the world. We support them in a variety of ways while they’re overseas, we meet with them as they return to the U.S. for home assignment, we listen to their stories of how God is at work, and we occasionally even get to see them on their field of service.

Stories from Kenya
The East African nation of Kenya has captured our attention and our hearts recently on a couple counts. The first is a story about a girl named Jane, as told to us by missionaries just returned from there.

Jane finds Joy
Can you imagine what life is like for a teenager who has never left their own home even one time? Jane is a nineteen-year-old Kenyan girl who was born with significant disabilities. She’s well-loved and cared for by her family, but because of the shame involved in communities like this, she was literally never taken outside her home.

That is, until Sports Friends* Kenya, a ministry of SIM, invited her and her parents to a camp for special needs kids. While the kids had the time of their lives, the parents met together with leaders who helped them find healing from the wounds of their own trauma.
This short video tells more of Jane’s story.

It’s stories like this that remind us again why we’re so thankful to be part of what God is doing around the world.

*If Sports Friends sounds familiar, you may recall reading about it here.

Personnel Consultation
Kenya was also the site of a global gathering of SIM personnel workers in October, and Mary was invited to participate. She enjoyed the sessions, including the opportunity to facilitate a workshop on child safety. She also enjoyed being back on the continent of Africa! But as always, the best part of these gatherings is the people: a blessing to see many long-time friends and meet many new ones as well.

A side bonus was her opportunity to visit the elephant orphanage, you can read more about that here!

Engaged in God’s Work
Do you find joy in engaging with what God is doing around the world? We’d like to extend a special year-end invitation to do just that. Would you consider helping us to share the hope that’s found in Jesus by way of a special gift this Christmas season?

Here are two opportunities:
First is SIM’s 2019 Christmas Gift Catalog, a short list of high-impact, high-priority ministries. We invite you to have a look and catch a glimpse of the many different ways that God is at work.

Second, it’s your generous gifts that allow us to spend our days doing what we do, in support of SIM missionaries around the world. We’re filled with gratitude for the partnership we’ve enjoyed with so many of you for over thirty years. We’re in this together, and we’re glad for that! Gifts to SIM for our support account will keep us going throughout 2020. We’re currently running at about 85% of our total need. Use this link to make your gift.

See more stories and videos from all over the world.

If you find joy in giving, you may enjoy this even more… Help Wanted!

Pray for Dave’s communications around the world. He spends much of his time helping our workers who need answers to financial questions. Pray that he will be able to kindly and clearly help them understand and manage their finances well.
Pray for Mary as she works with families experiencing difficult situations where their children may have been harmed. She is privileged to work with these concerns, which are often painful and confusing.
Pray for our family, scattered around the world this Christmas! Jacob and Katie are currently based in the UK, and Joey will be visiting with them, while Danny and Leah and their family will be in Miami with her family. We are thankful for the availability of FaceTime to stay in touch!
Please continue to pray that God will provide the financial support we need as we serve with SIM. Pray that He will direct us to new friends who would be blessed to partner with us, and that He will continue to encourage our faithful current partners.

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